How do you divide a clock into 3 equal parts?

Can you divide a clock into six parts with the sum of the numbers in all parts the same?

As shown, if the lines divide the clock face into six parts then the numbers in each part of the clock face will add up to the same number, 13. From previous designs, the numbers can be grouped into pairs that add up to 13.

How many equal parts are there in the dial of a clock?

We know that the face of the clock is marked with the numbers from 1 to 12, which divide the clock face into 12 equal parts. These 12 parts are further divided into 60 small divisions. So, there are 5 small divisions between any two numbers on the clock face.

How is the face of a clock divided?

First part hours total is equal to the sum of the second and third part. What is the total of hours in the bigger part? Correct answer is ‘6’.

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Why clock sum is 13?

The sum of all the numbers is 78. If we call x the total on the small side, then 5x+x=78, so 6x=78 and x=13. So the sum on the small side is 13.

What is the appropriate strategy to divide the clock face into three parts so that the sum of each part is the same?

On could be : 1-6-7-12, 2-5-8-11, 3-4-9-10. 1) Sum of numbers from 1-12 is 78. 2) If we have to divide them into 3 sets with equal sum then sum of each set would be 78/3 = 26.

When we divide a clock into 4 parts each part is called?

When we divide one whole into 4 equal parts each part is called quarter of the whole.

How many minutes does the minute hand take to go from 12 to each of these numbers?

Step by Step Explanation:

We know that there are 12 numbers on the dial and minute hand moves by 1 number in five minutes. So, it will take 60 minutes(12 × 5 = 60) for the minute hand to complete one round on the dial.

What does the bigger needle in a clock indicate?

The shortest hand indicates the hour, a longer hand indicates the minutes, and the longest arm indicates the seconds. Some analog clocks have only two hands: the shorter hand indicating the hour and the longer hand indicating the minutes.