How did the Old clock Shop give a timeless message through Ray?

What is the timeless message given in the story the old clock shop?

The timeless message of ‘Peace on earth, goodwill towards all‘ was felt by the three men who stood in the old-clock shop.

How did Ray communicate with the visitor?

How did Ray communicate with him? Ans: Ray communicated with him by slowly pushing a note pad and pencil to him across the counter. He smiled at the unfriendly face, then pointed to his ears and shook his head from side to side indicating to the visitor that he was deaf.

How did Ray help the old man in the story the old clock shop?

Through sign language, Ray tells him that he gives out loans to the needy against their watches. Even though Ray is not a pawnbroker, he cannot turn away the needy. When someone offers him his watch or clock, he loans them the money. Soon, the man realizes an idea and shows Ray his old wristwatch.

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What message did the old clock impart?

What message did the old clocks impart? Answer: The old clocks and timepieces in Ray’s shop chimed all together. They spread the message of peace on earth and goodwill towards all.

Who entered the shop at the last minute?

Answer: The two persons came to Ray’s shop just before the shop closed. One was young, the older one was nearly fifty. They had an evil plan to rob Ray of his cash.

Who visited the Shepherd one day and why?

Who visited the shepherd one day, and why? Answer: The king of the country visited the shepherd one day. The king had heard about the shepherd’s wisdom and friendly nature.

What made rating the visitor was not really a shopper?

1. What made Ray think the visitor was not really a shopper? Ans: Ray was deaf and dumb, but a good judge of men. His old wise eyes told him that the new visitors to his shop at that late hour, was not a shopper or customer.

Why did the other governors grow jealous of the shepherd?

Ans: The other governors grew jealous of the shepherd because although he rose to power and dignity, he remained as humble as ever. People loved and honoured him for his wisdom, sympathy and goodness and his fame as a fair and wise governor soon spread throughout the country.

What is the moral of the story Tansen?

⏩️ The moral of the story tansen is always follow your passion.

What role did the notepad play between the older man and Ray?

Ray could neither speak nor hear. So he communicated with his customer by writing his message on a notepad. The visitor also wrote his reply on paper. Hope it helps.

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Why did Ray accept an old watch in exchange for a good sum of money?

Understanding their dire need of money, Ray told the old man that he exchanged good sum of money with people against their watches or wall clocks. He did this for goodwill and not in want of earning interest or security against the things.