Frequent question: How do I turn off Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch?

How do you disable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch?

Swipe right until you see the Settings Glance. Tap Do Not Disturb, and the Apple Watch turns on Do Not Disturb mode. To turn off Do Not Disturb mode, tap Do Not Disturb again.

Why does my Apple Watch keep going into Do Not Disturb?

Before taking your  Watch back to Apple you might try resetting your iPhone and force a restart of your  Watch. To force a restart of your  Watch press and hold both the Digital Crown and the Side button continuously until the Apple logo appears. Then release the button and let the device restart.

How do I turn off Do Not Disturb mode?

Turn off Do Not Disturb

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap your current option: Alarms only , Priority only , or Total silence .
  2. Press the volume down button and tap Turn off now.

What is the difference between silent mode and do not disturb on Apple Watch?

“Silent mode” means your watch will not chime or beep but will vibrate. … Your watch won’t ping or light up, but it will vibrate. Turn this mode on and off by tapping the comedy / tragedy icon. “Do Not Disturb” turns off the haptics, too.

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Do not disturb vs blocked?

Sometimes you might think you’ve been blocked when the person you’re calling is actually using Do Not Disturb mode. When someone enables this mode on their phone, neither you nor that person gets a notification when you send a message or try to call them.

How do you turn off Do Not Disturb while sleeping on iPhone?

Open the Settings app. Tap on “Do Not Disturb.” If you want to turn off your scheduled Do Not Disturb session entirely, toggle off “Scheduled.” If you want to leave Do Not Disturb on but disable Bedtime Mode, tap the Bedtime Mode toggle to turn it off.

Do not disturb silence while iPhone is locked?

When DND is turned on, it can silence all alerts or silence alerts only while the phone is locked. If it is turned off, as it is in the screen shot, then it’s off. It doesn’t matter which of the options you’ve selected. You can not not select an option at all.