Can you use Nike Run Club on Apple Watch?

Does Nike Run Club sync with Apple Watch activity?

Nike+ Run Club works with both Apple’s Health app and Activity app on iPhone. You can see your workout history and details about each run in the Activity app, although route maps are only visible in the NRC app. … Run syncing with NRC on the iPhone worked again on the next run.

How do I get Nike Run Club on Apple Watch?

In Settings, scroll down and tap “Privacy”. Tap “Health”. Tap “Nike Run Club“. Select the data to be shared with the Health app.

Choose from:

  1. Active Energy.
  2. Heart Rate.
  3. Walking + Running Distance.
  4. Workouts.

Does Nike Run Club Work Offline Apple Watch?

You can, however, download music to your watch for listening to offline. Yes, Nike Run Club will sync.

Is Nike Run Club good for beginners?

Nike+ Run Club

Whether you walk or run, it’s perfect for a beginner. The Nike+ app includes GPS tracking, challenges to keep you motivated, runs that are guided with audio, and coaching plans. It also makes it easy to use it with friends. … Has coaching plans and options for staying on track.

Is strava better than Nike Run Club?

While NRC wins on design and simplicity, Strava has a bigger network of cyclists, runners and other athletes(since it takes a more public approach as against friends only for NRC) which makes you feel part of a larger community of runners/cyclists.

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Can you walk with Nike+ Run Club?

Most people use it for running and bike rides though. Nike Run Club is more focused. Apart from running you can also track walking and jogging with it. Open the app, and you will see a map with the Start button immediately.

How do I use Nike+ Coach on Apple Watch?

Helpful answers

  1. Open the Nike+ Run Club App on your iPhone, go to the “My Coach” tab, and see what is scheduled for today.
  2. Start and complete a run using your Apple Watch (by itself) with the same settings as your scheduled run (i.e. distance, time, etc.)