At what times do clock hands line up?

At what time do the hands of a clock make a straight line vertically across a dial?

Explanation: The hands of a clock point in opposite directions (in the same straight line) 11 times in every 12 hours. (Because between 5 and 7 they point in opposite directions at 6 o’clcok only). So, in a day, the hands point in the opposite directions 22 times.

How many times do clock hands Cross in 12 hours?

The key insight: In order to get back to being lined up at noon, the hands must pass each other 11 times every 12 hours. That means, if you divide 12/11, you should get the length of each interval between crossings.

How many times clock hands coincide in a day?

Also, the hour and minute hand coincide only once between 11 and 1 o’clock i.e. at 12 o’clock. So, from both the above statements we can say that the two hands coincide exactly 11 times in a 12 hour span. times. So, the number of times the two hands coincide in a day is 22 times.

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What is the time between 2 and 3 o clock?

The hour hand and minute hand of a clock together means the angle between angle and minute hand will be 0°. Hence, ‘ 10 10 11 min. past 2 is the correct answer.

At what time between 1 and 2 o’clock will the hands of a watch makes an angle of 180?

Therefore the two hands are at 180 degree to each other at 32.72 minutes past 12:00.

How many minutes are lost by a clock per day if it’s hands coincide every 54 minutes?

Solution(By Examveda Team)

=65511min. Lossin64min.

How many times does a clock have 90 degrees?

If you switch to a rotating coordinate system in which the hour hand stands still, then the minute hand makes only 11 revolutions, and so it is at right angles with the hour hand 22 times. In a 24 hour day you get 2×22=44.

How many times from 4pm to 10pm the hands are at right angles?

Every hour the hands of a clock are at right angles twice i.e. in 6 hours (4 to 10) they would be right angles to each other 12 times.